Breakthru Holidays
Bringing the Church Family Together


Let’s get you there!


If you want to come on the Breakthru' holiday or you know someone who does, there are ways to help make it possible - and plenty of time to spur your church, friends or family into action too.

These are just a few ideas to help raise money - money that could make all the difference to a young person, a couple, a family, a pastor, in fact whoever would like come, but may find the cost a struggle.

If you have any great ideas, don't keep them to yourself. Contact us to share your money-making schemes and events and you may just find them posted here for all to read. 



In addition to sponsored walks and silences, why not actually sponsor a person to attend Breakthru'? Perhaps you're already planning to go and can afford to pay for someone else, or perhaps you have the means to make it easier for a family to attend. Maybe two or three of you can group together to pay for a fourth person to come too.
At Breakthru'08, the young people were kindly sponsored to do activities like rafting and canoeing. Just as these young people benefited from the generosity of others, so you could make it possible for someone to benefit from attending the next Breakthru and experiencing a real church family holiday.
If you're interested in sponsorship and would like to help, please contact us for more details.

Book Sale

How many books do you have in your house never to be read again? Organise a donation book sale!

Car Wash


Craft Day

With craft seeing a resurgence, organise a crochet or card making day. Provide material and charge a small fee to attend.

Quiz Night

Suitable for all ages, a quiz night makes an excellent event without being difficult to arrange. Don’t forget to sell drinks and snacks to raise extra funds.

Get in touch and we can provide you with Carbon Copy answer sheets to give the night a true quiz night touch.

Cake Bake Sale

Who can resist cake? Get baking and raise some cash at the same time.

Sunday Morning Breakfast

With a little organising you could prepare a full English or American pancake breakfast before a Sunday morning service.

Cream Tea

Try organising a walk with a Cream Tea at the end.